1. Who may Apply

  • Falang Children club and Teans Program (ages 4-9)
  • Famlang language course for Adults (Ages 20 and above)
  • Famlang Special program and interest course (for career development, ages 25 and above)
  • Famlang corporate language training (for companies and governments)

2. Program Sessions

Full immersion: Mon – Fri Regular: 3 days a week Evening: 4:30 – 6:00 pm Weekend: Saturday- Sunday

3. Payment methods: Famlang does not accept cash payment. Payment can therefore be made in any of the following ways:

By making a bank deposit. By direct/internet transfer By using the POS device in our office

4. Payment and Refund Policy: Cancelations and Withdrawals should be made in writing to your local Famlang office. NO refunds shall be made for any cancellations or withdrawals made within 14 days before the start of the program. Only 50% refund shall be made for cancellations and withdrawals made beyond 14 days of the start of the program. Refund will be processed within 45 days of the receipt of withdrawal letter. NO refund shall be granted if you arrive late, or are absent during your program. If a student fails to maintain 80-90% attendance, Famlang will not be able to issue any certificate or diploma. In the case a student behaves inappropriately in any manner to a Famlang staff or other studens, he or she (at the discretion of Famlang) may be asked to leave the program and no refunds will be made. Fees made for a particular program is not transferable to another program or another person when the program has already started. All such transfers may be made (subject to our approval) not less than 14 days before the start of the program.


Famlang does not accept cash payment. Payment can therefore be made in any of the following ways:

By making a bank deposit. By direct/internet transfer By using the POS device in our office Please treat our staff with respect and courtesy at all times in order to serve you better. Please note that only when you have provided us with required supporting documents can we make a final decision on your case. The issuance of offer/visa lies solely with the institution concerned; Famlang cannot guarantee the success of your application and therefore shall not be liable in the unlikely but possible event of your case being denied. We shall endeavor to make the best possible representation of your case and advice on appropriate supporting documents at all times. All communications with the relevant authorities will be made through Famlang. Famlang cannot be liable for the quality of documents you provide.

Fee Transfer Policy: Where Famlang assists the client in fee transfer, such shall attract 10% of the total sum of money being transferred.

Refund Policies: Upon cancellation of admission after school fees payment, for any reason whatsoever, Whatever refund policie/chargees of the concerned institute shall apply. Furthermore, upon collection of the refund fees, Famlang shall be entitled to 10% of the total volume of fees refunded. Famlang cannot be liable for any policy or immigration changes that may affect your case. Fraudulent and forged documents are not acceptable, and, once detected, will adversely affect your case. Please notify us if there are any changes in your circumstances before taking any actions. We work with deadlines, please ensure to ask your SCO what your deadline is. If in doubt or not satisfied, please ask to speak with your SCO’s line manager or call 09052682650 or send an email to

Any Money Paid apart from school fees is non refundable.

Our service charge is valid for one application within one year and it is non-refundable. In the event of a deferral or reapplication, we shall expect a formal letter to that effect and if you fail to provide us with the required supporting documentation and stifle communication after payment, we shall not be liable for any service not rendered.

Visa Fees: Visa fees should not be payed to Famlang, all visa fees should be payed to the relevant embassy by you the client at the point of submission of application. Famlang has no control over the period of time take to process our application once it has been submitted to the relevant authority.

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