Famlang International Language Center (FILC) is a global communication company celebrating over 5 years of success. Our goal is to fulfill the written and oral communication needs of our clients on local, national and global scale.

FILC provides professional translation in all languages and fields. FILC has the knowledge, the professional staff, the certified linguists and over 5 years of experience to exceed your   expectations. Choose the Famlang International Language Center with confidence today!

Accurate, professional translation – always performed by humans. A dedicated Project Manager for every project, from start to finish.
Editing and proofreading by independent, subject-qualified linguists.
Computer-Assisted Translation tools, which lead to greater accuracy and economies of scale Multilingual desktop publishing in most graphic design software (Macintosh & Windows platforms).

Multilingual transcription, voice-over, narration and subtitling software/website localization.

We record 100% success in all document translations and language interpretation. We have translated for Embassies, Companies, Churches, Banks, Personal Reasons and many more. The range of documents include:

  1. Police Report 
  2. Medical Certificate
  3. School Certificate (WAEC and UNIVERSITY CERTIFICATES)
  4. School Transcript
  5. Birth Certificate, Attestation of Birth & Age declaration
  6. Professional Accreditation Certificate
  7. Marriage Certificate
  8. News papers
  9. Religious books and Materials
  10. Personal novels and Books